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Dolphin Excursion on Waverunners

Quick Details

Info Important Information:

  • All adults 18 years and older are required to fill out paperwork.
  • Driver must be 18+ to operate and must bring a picture I.D. with birth date.
  • If you are born after January 1, 1988 you MUST have a FL boaters safety license. You can get a 90 day temporary one by clicking here.
Private Waverunner Up to 2 Passengers

Enjoy a a beautiful guided dolphin excursion on one of our waverunners!

At Happy’s Crab Island Watersports we take the word excursion to a whole new level with our dolphin excursion on waverunners. Come experience the breathtaking sights and sounds of bottle nosed dolphins at play. This event can not be reproduced with words when cruising amongst a pod of dolphins taking incredible pictures as they frolic in the emerald green waters. Dolphins have a natural looking smile to them. They normally are always found in pods approximately 10 or more with a daily diet of fish consisting of 10 to 20 pounds. Imagine island hopping on our 2 hour guided tour as you spot dolphins and other marine life the Gulf of Mexico has to offer. Make sure you bring a waterproof camera to take pictures of all the fascinating things you will encounter. Our waverunners will accommodate up to 3 persons, however 2 is recommended for a more comfortable ride.

What to Bring

  • There is a storage compartment on board, but whatever you bring will get wet. Be prepared.
  • Please arrive at least 30-45 minutes in advance so we can get you out on time.
  • All adults 18 year and older will be required to fill out paperwork.
  • Make sure driver brings a picture I.D. with a birth date.